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Welcome to the Vt Audio Visual sales page. Here you will find an assortment of used audio and lighting products from cables to consoles. Each piece has been thoroughly tested and condition noted in the listing description. All item prices include shipping to the lower 48 states. Give us a shout if you are local as pricing will be lower for pickup. If you have any questions please feel free to email or give us a call.

Audiopile DT-400 Drum Microhone

We have 2 of these available both in excellent shape. Dynamic drum microphone with included AP-DMC drum mic clip mount. Information is limited on these on the internet but was originally part of a drum mic package which had excellent reviews with most parties agreeing best bang for the buck option out there. 30$ each shipped.

Viewsonic PJL9371 LCD Projector


4000 lumen projector large venue projector with all the standard settings needed. These have extremely low lamp hours (under 100hrs) with lamp life stated at 5000 hours. If you need additional specs please visit projector central or shoot us an e mail. We have all original packaging for these items. Asking 800$ each with two units available. Can do the pair for 1500$ shipped.

Elation DMX 20L Dimmer

Two of these available. Great condition.Yet another one of our items that have only been used a couple times. This not a crazy deal or anything but save a few bucks from buying new. Economical dimmer with all basic functions including a cool option that allows you to select dimming or straight on/off switching. 160$ each shipped.
Stellar Labs Component Video Distribution Amplifier

Brand new Stellar Labs Component Video and Audio distribution / Splitter box. One in amplified and split to four outs. Pretty basic. Purchased the wrong unit for an install. Ac adapter included.

DBX Driverack PA

Industry standard equipment for all Junior Varsity sound operators. This unit is in excellent condition. Used in an install situation briefly before the venue did a complete system re haul. See pictures for the units condition. 250$ shipped.

Shure SM57

Have two of these classic workhorse microphones available. Brand new in box. The deal is not mind blowing but an easy way to save a quick ten if you are picking up a new 57. 90$each shipped.


Metal Halide SFC-10 575 w bulb

575w Metal Halide lamps that are common replacements for a lot of moving lights. These are generic models but a great replacement option for a fraction of the price of Osram. 3 units available. 60$ each shipped.

American Dj Mega Tri Bar
adj tri bar 1
adj tri bar 2

We have four of these units which contain 18 3 watt tri Leds per fixture. These were used on a singular Theatre Cyc lighting project that had a one week run. These ended up working excellent giving a great wash to an approximately 15″ cyc. We have a fair number of other specialized fixtures so not sure how much use these are going to get in the near future so offering them up here. Still have original packaging and lights are in excellent condition. 360$ each shipped.
ADJ uv cob cannon

All original packaging. Out on a one week theatrical rental. These UV lights are exceptional. These chip on board lights offer many advantages to the older wildfire Uv lights including a much lower power draw, no warm up time and a much more compact footprint. We were very impressed with these lights but with our clientele they will likely not see the use they deserve. 360$ each shipped.

Dj Slip Mat Pair

slip mats 2slip mats 1

Have a few sets left from this custom slip mat run. Excellent quality using 16oz medium density felt with full sublimation printing. 16$ a pair shipped.

RNC 1773 Compressor
RNC 1773 Front
RNC 1773 Rear

RNC two channel compressor. These units get great reviews. In great shape. There is a small piece of velcro on the bottom of the unit from how it was mounted. 155$ shipped.

Chauvet Obey 70
obey 70 in case open
obey 70 in case

Chauvet Lighting controller with a surprising number of features for the cost. Comes with hard case. Been out about a half dozen times.Upgraded to a Smart FAde 200$ shipped.
Crown PCC 160 microphone pair
Crown PCC 160 bottom
Crown Pcc 160 pair

Visual Apex Screen 120″ fastfold screen
120inch 16 9 screen fastfold
projecto screen 120 inch setup
fastfold screen contents

120″ fastfold style screen. Used at a single two day conference. These screens are a good economical option for certain events. Due to the fact that we handle a lot of dry rentals I do not think these units would hold up. Might be a good option for those small outdoor movie rentals. 150$ shipped in new condition.

Epson D6155W projector
Epson D6155W projector

Another unit used on a single event. Can check lamp hours for interested parties. Will be well under 100 hours.3500 lumen WXGA projector in new condition. 800$ shipped.

J tech HDMI over cat 5E adapter
j tech hdmi over single cat 5e converter

HDMI over single Cat 5e extender. Have several of these units for those interested. Used very lightly for 100ft runs. Ran with no issues. 50$ each pair shipped.
Epson G5650W projector
Epson G5650W projector

Another unit used on a single event. Can check lamp hours for interested parties. Will be well under 100 hours.4500 lumen WXGA projector in new condition. Includes standard lens. Have two of these units available 900$ each shipped.
ANTRA 16:9 226″ diagonal fastfold screen
16' x 9' screen case

16' x 9' screen frame details 2

16' x 9' screen frame details

16' x 9' screen frame
16’x9′ fast fold screen with front, back surfaces and case. Minimal usage. This is a heavy and large item. local pickup preferred but freight could be arranged. Pricing to come soon. Also have a 150″ diagonal size that will be listed in the near future.
Audiopile 300C Condenser mic pair
Audiopile 300c case

Audiopile 300c pair

Workhorse condenser mic pair. Additional info can be viewed at the Audiopile site. These have seen very,very little usage.120$ for the pair shipped.

RAPCO Padblox-30
rapco padblox 30

Little trick piece that can come in handy for hot signals. An in line -30db attenuation pad. New in packaging 15$ shipped.
ADJ DMX 20L dimmer
adj dp dmx20l
adj dp dmx20l rear

4 Channel dimmer pack, 600 watts per channel. Out on one gig. Have two available. 160$ each shipped.
80″ 16:9 portable projection screen
portable projection screen rear
projection screen front
Have two of these portable screens up for sale. 100$ a piece. Local sale only.

E MU Carnaval Latin Synth
carnaval rear

carnaval screen

emu carnaval front

Pretty collectable synth for those creating Latin style music. Original owner. At some point years ago the screen had a couple pixels go out(as displayed in photo). The unit is still functioning fine and screen replacements are readily available. 160$ shipped.
Arriba Cases LS 100 Ipad case
ls-100 bag

arriba in bag

Arriba LS-100 bag created to house an ipad. Probably would fit a host of compact tablets though. 30$ shipped.

Eyourlife 6×10 watt ip65 LED par


Have six of these units. Used at a couple shows (2). Drilled out the yokes to accept a standard lighting clamp. Posted a pic of a small stage we had them running on. Exceptional light output. Dimming is a little stepped. I would not use for theatre but acceptable for shows. RGBW leds with the pigtails. They do not typically ship with all the DMX adapters but I will provide buyer with what they require for ins and outs. 70$ each shipped. Please contact me if you would like to purchase a quantity. Button is set for single fixture

DBX 2215 graphic eq


I believe we have two of these units available. 15 channel graphic eq with noise reduction and limiter. Classic piece. These show some wear but no issues with functionality. 165$ each shipped.
DBX 1231 dual 31 band EQ


Again I think we have two of these available. These are in near mint condition. 31 bands of eq with low cut. 165$ shipped.

CE Labs C5-HDP composite over cat 5e



Converter that runs your composite signal including spdif audio over cat5/cat 6. Will throw in what we have here for composite cable including a 50′ run. 40$ shipped.


900 watt LED strobe that has some major punch. Ordered for a job that ended up not requiring. Took out of box and and tested. 750$ shipped.
BENQ MW705 4000 Lumen Projector


Have 2 of these 4000 lumen projectors available. Used during a single two day conference. Total hours should be well under 50hr on each unit. 600$ each unit shipped.

Pearstone vt-2500b Tripod 1




Unit #1 of two units available. This one is in great shape aside from a crack in the tightening mechanism attached to the handle. It still tightens down fine. Looks like it was jut over tightened at some point.
Pearstone vt-2500b Tripod 2


Same model as above. I tried to detail in picture that there is a small latch that is broken. Purpose was to keep the legs together during transport.

BB-FA1203 12″ Driver

Have two of these drivers available. 60$ each shipped. FS:48Hz, Qts:0.32, Vas:57.7L, Voicecoil:3″, Power rating:175w, Nominal Impedance:8Ohms, Sens:96db@1w-meter, Weight:14lbs.
BB-FA2216H 12″ driver

Have two of these drivers available. 60$ each shipped. FS:450z, Qts:0.38, Vas:51L, Voicecoil:4″, Power rating:350w, Nominal Impedance:8Ohms, Sens:95db@1w-meter, Weight:22lbs.
EV R300 Wireless Handheld Microphone
evr300 contents

ev r300 box

ev r300 c channel

ev r300 box rear

ev r300 bag

Two of these units available both in the C band. Brand new unused in boxes. 250$ per unit shipped.
Whirlwind Medusa 12 channel passive press box

Straight forward twelve channel passive mult box. All channels functioning. 250$ shipped
Sennheiser EW100-ENG G3 Pair

Two units of Sennheiser Eng kits. Sent out on a single job. Worked flawlessly just not what we typically need in our inventory. 1250$ shipped including case.
Rane TTM57sl mixer

Selling of a rane TTM 57SL mixer in case. Has been used very little. Handful of wedding gigs. Does not go out enough at this point to keep it around. 650$ shipped.
Odyssey FZCDJ case

Pair of these available pricing coming soon. 160$ for the pair local sale only.
Elation E Fly wireless DMX Tranceiver

Pair of these new in boxes available. Pricing coming soon. 325$ for the pair shipped.

QSC PLX 3602

Several of these available. I believe 6 in total. 700$ each free shipping. Give an e mail if you are interested in multiple units.
ProLine Conductor Stand

Havea couple of these Pro Line Conductor stands. Used for one a single event and then packed back into the boxes. 30$ Local pickup only.
Community CPL27 pair

Pair of Community CPL-27 speakers with pole mounts installed so these can be easily used on stands. A very versatile speaker that can be used in a variety of applications. 425$ for the pair shipped. Will be willing to give them a fresh coat of duratex if the buyer wishes.

GATOR GXR-2819-0803 Utility Case

Brand new. Taken out of original box for pictures. 28″x19″x11″ Interior dimensions. Quality hardware,plenty of handles and a couple of wheels for rolling. 300$ free shipping    

Canon XA20 Camcorder in case


Canon XA20 camera in great shape with accessory package. Rode mic, 2 batteries, small led light, battery charger and a/c supply.

DSAN PerfectCue Micro

Have two of these units available. Listing for single unit. Purchased for one event. Used for about 4 hours. 



Listings coming Soon
JBL PRX 615 speakers
Rane 61 mixer

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